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Zhongyi Boye Group's work summary and commendation meeting was successfully held
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  On January 19, 2020, the work summary and commendation conference of Zhongyi Boye Group 2019 was held in Swiss-park hotel. The chairman, general manager of the group company, the leaders of all subsidiaries, and all the employees gathered together for a grand event and shared the glorious moment.

  Zhongyi Boye Group is a comprehensive enterprise group established on the basis of a number of companies led by Shante Songzheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. After 20 years of development, the group's companies have been located in Beijing, Shandong, Hong Kong and other places. Its business covers the import and export of machinery and equipment, parts and components, R & D and sales of building materials, technology development and transfer, cultural media and Internet applications. And serves more than 120 countries and regions in the world.

  At the conference, Xinjun Zhou, the chairman of the group company, summed up and reviewed the results achieved by Zhongyi Boye Group in 2019, and also proposed new plans and higher requirements for the future development direction of the group company. The chairman pointed out that in the face of the severe winter of the national economy in 2019, the situation is grim, the market is weak, and the price is fiercely competitive. The company is reviewing the situation and is not afraid of difficulties. It is of great significance to seek development in difficult situations and complete the work goals and tasks set at the beginning of the year.In 2020, the market situation will be more severe, and we are required to continue to carry forward our unwillingness to "open the road to the mountains and bridge the water", deeply dig the market, expand international channels, do a good job in talent reserves, do a good job in brand building, and promote publicity work, with a high sense of responsibility and mission to promote the continued steady development of the group company.

  Group presidents Wang and Huang made work reports respectively. The report reviewed the difficulties and challenges encountered in the development process in 2019, the achievements and honors they have achieved, and the past year, there were urgent needs for solutions and improvements in the work. President Huang emphasized that 2020 is a year in which both opportunities and challenges coexist. In the new year, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of Zhongyi's advancing hardships and strive to complete the various operational targets assigned by the Group.

  In order to better reflect the recognition and encouragement of everyone's work in the past year, the group company commends the subsidiaries, outstanding teams and outstanding individuals with outstanding performance in 2019. We hope that they will be equipped in the new year. Go forward and make great achievements.

  On the evening, the Group's New Year's Eve Gala opened with a warm toast from the chairman. The magnificent stage, gorgeous lights, warm cheers, and wonderful performances brought a high-quality, high-standard audio-visual feast to the party.

  The meeting ended successfully in the midst of the intertwined and beautiful singing. Yesterday has gone, and today is thriving. Only the struggle, the joy of success. Looking forward to 2020, the business sectors of Zhongyi Boye Group will become each other and embark on a new journey. Under the guidance of the group company and leaders at all levels, continue to consolidate and strengthen the existing market reputation and leading advantages in the industry, continue open up and innovate, hand in hand, save time, and create brilliant!